How do I ensure my appliance is working safely?

Have all gas appliances serviced regularly

How do I ensure my appliance is working safely?
Have all gas appliances serviced regularly
If you own or use a gas appliance, make sure you’re clear about who’s responsible for maintaining it. A regular service will keep it running safely and efficiently.

  • Gas fireplaces and LPG cabinet heaters should be serviced every year.
  • Other space heaters and water heaters should be serviced at least every two years.
  • When a licensed gas worker carries out work in your home, ask them to double check that all your appliances are properly installed and maintained in good working order.
  • Consider replacing old appliances and avoid buying second-hand ones.
  • Watch out for appliances that are faulty or poorly maintained, check that ventilation inlets are not blocked or restricted. Poorly maintained appliances or blocked flues or ventilation can produce carbon monoxide, which can be fatal.

If you’re a landlord you must ensure that you provide a safe gas installation for your tenant.

Make sure all gas appliances are properly ventilated

Gas appliances need fresh air to operate safely and efficiently. Only use unflued appliances in areas that are extremely well ventilated. And:

  • Never use an unflued gas appliance in a confined space like a bedroom, bathroom, cabin or caravan.
  • Outdoor gas appliances like patio heaters and barbecues should never be used inside.
  • Camping appliances like lanterns and cookers must never be used in unventilated areas like caravans and sealed tents. For more information about using gas in caravans, click here.

Get familiar with the danger signs

If you notice any of these signs, turn off your appliance and contact a licensed gas worker immediately:

  • The flame burns yellow instead of blue. (Note: some flame-effect gas fireplaces are designed to burn with a yellow flame.)
  • There are soot deposits in or around the appliance.
  • You smell an unpleasant odour – similar to car exhaust.
  • You feel unwell with flu-like symptoms when a gas appliance is being used.
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