How do I make sure the gas appliances in my caravan are safe?

Caravans are built for relaxation – but before you put your feet up, you need to make sure your gas appliances are safe and sound. LPG is perfectly safe when used properly, but an annual check is an important part of proper use. So go through the checklist every year and stay familiar with our safety tips.

Caravan safety checklist

  • Check all hoses regularly for any signs of cracking, fraying or splitting.
  • Check copper tubing for any dents, kinks or corrosion.
  • Check appliances for rust or corrosion.
  • Check the date stamp on your gas cylinder as they need to be tested every 10 years.
  • Check the flame on your burners. If it burns yellow instead of blue, the burner needs adjustment.
  • Check for a strong LPG odour. This could be a gas leak.
  • Never check for leaks with a match – use soapy water and a brush (instructions are below).
  • Check gas taps are turned off before going to bed.
  • Check all vents are clear. Lack of ventilation can kill.
  • Check that access to shut-off valves is kept clear.
  • Check all appliances are turned off when your towing vehicle is being refueled.

Caravan safety tips

Never use the gas cooker as a heater.

Check routinely. Check the complete gas installation on your caravan at least once a year by a licensed gas fitter.

Never use damaged or corroded cylinders. LPG is stored under pressure and a faulty cylinder may leak or rupture. Check for dents or corrosion, especially around the base.

Store correctly. Always store your cylinders upright. Lying a cylinder down brings liquid in contact with the safety valve, preventing correct operation. Cylinders larger than 2.25kg should be housed in an approved enclosure.

Check connections regularly. Extra care should be taken with gas connections in your caravan, and they need to be checked on a regular basis. You can do this yourself with soapy water. Here’s how: Apply soapy water to the cylinder connections and turn on the cylinder. If bubbles appear, you have a leak. Close the valve and call an LPG Service Agent or take your cylinder in to be checked.After use, turn off the cylinder valve before turning off the appliance. This allows the hose to empty.

Keep the cylinder away from heat and flames. Even empty cylinders should be kept well away from extreme heat.

Act immediately if there’s a gas leak. If you smell gas, turn off the cylinder valve if it’s safe to do so, clear the area of bystanders, turn off all appliances, and ventilate your caravan. Don’t turn on any electrical switches until the air is clear.

In the event of a fire, dial 111 to call the Fire Service. Remember to tell them that an LPG cylinder is involved, and make sure everyone gets out of the caravan and waits in a safe place well away. If it’s safe to do so, turn off all LPG valves.

Never tamper with the valve. Don’t attempt to repair or remove your cylinder valves. If it sticks or gets damaged, tell the supplier.

Don’t try to fill your own cylinder. Only trained persons using special equipment can do this safely.

Check that the caravan is well ventilated. All gas appliances need a plentiful supply of fresh air for correct operation.

Use a qualified licensed gasfitter for all installation and maintenance work.

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